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Established in 2007.

At the End of 2006, The Professional/ Commercial Audio company I worked for from Indianapolis closed. I began Audio Video By Flynn January 2007. We installed/ serviviced Professional Audio Systems for Churches, Schools, Restaurants, and Retail stores. I also installed Home Theater Systems, Whole Stereo Systems as well as mounting of TVs; LCDs, LEDs, Plasmas, Projectors an Screens. In 2019, I spent the year running sound in a Bar in Nineva until June. I spent the rest of the year running sound in Music Festivals. In 2020, I changed the company name to JJ Flynn Audio. I install Audio/ Video and Audio systems. And mount Tv's, Small to Large.

We specialize in Audio, Audio of all forms, or maybe most forms. Home Theater Systems, Outdoor Speakers, Man/ She Cave Sound Systems, Musician Rehearsal Studio, Build a Recording Studio in your home or garage. Even more such as Mixing your Music recordings, Audio Editing, Audio Clean up.

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